Accountability Coaching

Research is showing that accountability coaching is extremely effective for many areas of your life.

Having someone ask the right questions, help you establish the next steps, set goals, and hold you accountable to those goals can be beneficial for lasting, real change in life and work behaviors.

Reducing overwhelm, halting procrastination, breaking down large tasks into doable steps, moving forward in daily and long-term goals… these are all things that having an accountability coach can help you with right now.

The science says that accountability coaching can be more productive and helpful than peer or group support.

Sometimes, you just need a little help clearing away distractions, breaking down barriers, and making decisions.

An accountability coach helps clients stick to their short-term tasks so they can reach their long-term personal and professional goals.


Together, we can make goals attainable, celebrate successes, figure out challenges, analyze setbacks and develop strategies for the next step forward.

Accountability coaching is a way to attain growth and meet goals and develop new skills that will impact performance at home, at work, and in relationships, impacting all aspects of daily life.

Types of Accountability Coaching

  • Health and Wellness – Do you have a health plan or goal? Do you have a Wellness plan that you need help implementing? Exercise, diet changes, new daily habits… and working it all around real life?
  • Personal Development – Do you need help in personal growth, character, navigating relationships at work and at home?
  • Neurodiversity – Are you on the spectrum and need help accomplishing tasks, meeting goals, succeeding at college or work? Do you procrastinate, put off deadlines and feel bad about it all? ADHD, sensory processing, autism… do they impact your effectiveness in relationships, with family and friends? Do you have kids on the spectrum? Married to someone on the spectrum?
  • Global Work and Life – New culture? Language learning? Parenting and homeschooling and all the transition?
  • TCKs – Youth and college age third culture kid? Moving back to your passport country, learning to adult in a new place, balancing the overwhelm and unknowns?

In coaching, we’ll work through your specific challenges, keep you focused, dig into the little details, and create to-do lists that you can actually do.

Whether you are naturally motivated or not, this kind of coaching will help you take steps from where you are to where you want or need to be.

We’ll unravel the crazy. We’ll take a look at personality, habits, land mines, how you deal with problems and failures, and work to understand the why behind the how and what of your actions. From there, we can look at areas of growth and challenge new ways of doing and thinking.

I’ll offer candid feedback, honest thoughts and clarifying questions. I’ll patiently walk with you at a pace that is sustainable for you. With support and positivity, I’ll champion your efforts and call out your weaknesses in ways that will build our coaching relationship, hold trust, and give you the confidence that someone has your back and wants to see you succeed.

Some of the most successful people in the world hire accountability coaches for the benefits to their personal and professional lives.

So, what now?

Let’s chat! We can connect over a 30-minute FREE zoom call and you can decide if this is your next step towards accountability and growth.

I work in person at Wellness on Main where we can meet together and talk about your specific needs and goals. If your goals are around your Wellness visits, I’ll be able to tailor that directly to your specific plan!

I also do accountability coaching over zoom by monthly, 4-session packages.

Let’s get started and tackle the challenges together!

You can use the button above or contact me by email with questions.

Jenilee is patient and thoughtful, good at things that require a lot of intention. She is the one who thinks through the situation thoroughly then gives her ideas for solving the problem in a constructive way. She helps through the mental meltdowns!
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