I’m so glad you’re here.

Since high school, I have been the go to person for advice, help, ideas, or just as someone to talk to. I have a knack for taking problems or situations or crazy moments and bringing a bit of calm, creative solutions and practical next steps.

I’ve even been titled a “Life Hacks Specialist” for my helpful to do lists and simple how to’s.

In lifestyle coaching, I bring that to you in 1:1 sessions and group coaching. I use tested, reliable, real tools that bring quick change and helpful new ways of thinking that will impact your daily life. You will see results and growth through small changes in what you think, believe and do.

I have a background in Biblical studies, leadership training, and overseas ministry. I have a deep love for discipleship, personal Christian growth and sharing a true relationship with Jesus.

I bring experience in churches, schools, and organizations from around the globe. I’ve lived and worked in the US, France, Senegal, and South Africa. I even speak a little French, some British English and a few Zulu words.

At home, I’m a mom to three AMAZING young adult women on the spectrum. I’ve homeschooled over 15 years, making accommodations for ADHD, autism, slow processing, and all the sensory issues. I have loved walking my girls through their education and into college and adulthood!

Overseas life, homeschooling, ministry, missions, parenting, and all the overwhelm that a busy life can bring, let’s chat about how I can bring some calm to the chaos. Let’s tackle your lifestyle challenges together.

I’m thankful and excited to welcome you to Jenilee Rachel Coaching and allow God to use my skills to help you!

We can journey the next page of your story together.

Coaching for every single page of your story

Want to know more about Jenilee?

  • Michigander and snow lover
  • Coffee. ALL things coffee
  • Baby elephants are the cutest things ever
  • Bible journaling and reading
  • Organizing is my happy place, cleaning is not
  • Sun and water, water and sun
  • Early to bed, early to rise
  • Paris Marathon runner in 2015 – 4hrs 50min
  • Aspiring plant momma
  • Surviver, West Wing, Downton Abbey – 2x each

Coaching Credentialing

Certified Personal Development Coach through The Equipping Profile
Certified Professional Christian Life Coach through ICCI
Ordained Minister, Assemblies of God

Current trainings include Youth Mental Health and Neurodiversity… watch for more about that soon!

A unique insight into career ministry and missions

Jenilee is not just navigating her own transitions with grace; she is turning her journey into a roadmap for others, proving that with empathy, resilience, and a willingness to grow, it’s possible to turn the deepest wounds into sources of strength and inspiration. Jenilee possesses a unique insight into the complexities of ministry and the specific challenges faced by women within these contexts. Her journey through spiritual and personal trials has equipped her with a profound empathy and a nuanced understanding of church hurt, spiritual abuse, and neglect. It’s this combination of personal experience and empathetic insight that makes Jenilee an invaluable guide for women navigating similar difficulties.  
Stephanie C Holmes, Ed.D, MA BCCC
Christian Neurodiverse Marriages, Certified Autism Specialist

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Previous experience:

  • Church Ministry
  • Church Leadership
  • Overseas Missions
  • Connection Group Facilitator
  • BlogSmarter Coach
  • Teacher
  • Event Speaker
  • Blogger/Writer