You might be new to the idea of coaching. What is it and how can it help?

You could be ready to jump right in. You’re ready for some accountability and encouragement!

You’re curious how having a coach could be a benefit to your personal and professional life.

Meet Jenilee…

Certified Professional Christian Life Coach

As a coach, Jenilee will meet you where you are right now and ask the right questions about where you want to go, what you want to do, and how she can challenge growth in your life.

I believe that every single page of your story matters and having a coach can bring clarity and direction to the pages.

Specializing in:

  • Personal Development – Where do you need to grow? Let’s start there.
  • Problem Solving – What do you need help with? Let’s get it sorted out.
  • Accountability – What do you need to do? Let’s get it done.
  • Neurodiversity – Time for a coach who understands? I can help.
  • Global Work – Need a sounding board for all the things? I’ve been there.

Kind, Honest Guidance

“Jenilee is an excellent listener who empathizes with the struggles of others. She has a big heart and has a unique ability to draw out the best from others. I highly recommend Jenilee as a coach for anyone looking for kind but honest guidance.” 
M. Christine Lawson

Coaching for Your Story

About Jenilee

Since high school, I have been the go to person for advice, help, or ideas. I have a knack for taking problems or situations or crazy moments and bringing a bit of calm, creative solutions and practical next steps.

In coaching, I bring that to you in 1:1 sessions and group coaching. I use tested, reliable, real tools that bring quick change and helpful new ways of thinking that will impact your daily life. You will see results and growth through small changes in what you think, believe and do.

Jenilee is an invaluable guide!

To anyone seeking a mentor, coach, or companion through the complexities of life, especially within the often challenging environments of ministry and faith communities, I cannot recommend Jenilee highly enough. Her talent, coupled with her personal journey of growth and healing, positions her as a beacon of hope for many.
Stephanie C Holmes, Ed.D, MA BCCC
Christian Neurodiverse Marriages, Certified Autism Specialist

Questions? I’d love to hear from you!

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Working with Jenilee is the perfect next step for you!

At Global Trellis, Jenilee is the Life Hack Specialist because she is gifted at knowing how to get things done and pointing people to Jesus. Life Coaching is the perfect role for Jenilee. She’ll cheer you on while understanding the obstacles you face, helping you to achieve your goals. She’s wise, trained, and fun.
Amy Young
Director, Global Trellis


I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.

Start with a free 30 minute consultation.

Why a protea?

Other than being one of my favorite flowers from South Africa…

Proteas have an amazing root system which allows them to survive in soil with very few nutrients. This gives them the strength to thrive in many different climates and soils. They can put down roots anywhere and survive.

The protea is a hardy plant that can survive drought, heavy rains and even massive bush fires. It can re-sprout which is an effective survival strategy after seemingly being wiped out by the harsh elements. 

Like the protea, I believe that this amazing, beautiful process of growth is possible for you as well.

You can broaden your skills, deepen your resilience, grow in Christlikeness, and respond in healthier ways to the challenges around you. Coaching is here to nurture your unique journey of growth.