As the idea of coaching grows and people start to see the benefits of coaching, more and more people have coaching questions!

What is it? How is it different from counseling?

Why do I need a coach? What do coaches do?

Let’s answer some of these coaching questions!

Starting with the basics… what is coaching?

“Coaches help people… shape new vision and plans, create a sense of purpose, and establish appropriate goals and objectives to generate desired results. A Christian Life Coach is trained and devoted to making godly disciples and guiding others into greater competence, confidence, and commitment…” -ICCI

What kinds of things can a coach help with?

Having a coach can help with all kinds of things!

  • Personal Development – Where do you need to grow? Let’s start there.
  • Problem Solving – What do you need help with? Let’s get it sorted out.
  • Accountability – What do you need to do? Let’s get it done.
  • Neurodiversity – Time for a coach who understands? I can help.
  • Global Work – Need a sounding board for all the things? I’ve been there.

What is your experience and credential?

I am a Certified Professional Christian Life Coach and an ordained minister. Under those credentials, I can offer Biblically-based coaching in many areas of life.

For me, I specialize in personal development, accountability and problem solving. I have experience in relationships, health, parenting, homeschooling, ministry, missions, neurodiversity and leadership.

Along with accountability and problem solving {I love big projects and helping people navigate them!}, I have a heart for women serving in ministry, stateside and overseas. I am also working on credentials specific to neurodiversity {autism, ADHD, sensory processing…} and it’s impact on the family and relationships.

Let’s connect over a FREE 30 minute zoom call! Or, connect by email with questions.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

First of all, they are not the same. Counseling has a very specific purpose to look at the past, evaluate aspects of mental health that are impacting the client, provide resources and psychological help. Counselors navigate with a client through past trauma, hurt, grief, personal and relational struggles that have impacted their life. They play a key role in bringing your mental health from the past to a place of healing for the current season you are in.

A coach works with clients in the current season, while looking into the future. Where are you now and where do you want to be in a specific area? Coaches facilitate that growth process. You can listen to a full podcast here about these differences. From a Christian Life Coach perspective, I love this quote from ICCI as they describe Christian Life Coaching, “The concepts of life coaching are sometimes intermingled and integrated with other similar approaches to people helping such as spiritual formation, mentoring, discipling, consulting, and counseling. While there are clearly several overlapping paradigms, life coaching is primarily an “inside-out” process, wherein the coach seeks to draw out of a client his or her passions, giftings, and a greater awareness of God’s calling.”

Can you be in coaching and counseling at the same time?

Yes! I think counseling is something I will continue to engage in throughout my life. Each new decade of my life has stirred new things within me or possible pain points that counseling can specifically help with. I love my counselor and she has walked with me through some great challenges. Yet, even as I work through something painful from the past, God is asking me to continue growing in Him! Having a coach can be vital to all areas of growth, changes in thinking which impact behaviors and experiences.

As my coach often says, “No one gets a pass on growing in the fruits of the Spirit and becoming more like Christ! No one.”

This is where Christian Life Coaching can really help you.

What tools do you use in your coaching practice?

I’m trained in Personal Development Coaching using The Equipping Profile which is an invaluable research-based tool designed to help clients with core beliefs, balanced thinking, and right behaviors. This guides you through practical application of your Equipping Profile report to create a targeted plan for a transformed life.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12:2

In addition, I’m certified as a professional Christian life coach through ICCI.

Cross-cultural living, global work, goal setting, learning new skills, parenting, homeschooling, young adults, health, problem solving, administration, organization… all topics I have experience in and love to coach.

Yet, my ministry experience, ministerial ordination, and Biblical training, brings everything back to root source thinking and identity in Christ. That’s where change and transformation happens.

How long is a coaching session? season of coaching?

A coaching sessions lasts about 50 minutes. In this time we’ll recap the last session, talk about relevant life experiences, review current goals, create action steps, assign homework and confirm the next session… all beginning and ending with prayer.

A coaching term generally lasts about 8-12 sessions, depending on goals and coaching needs.

How much does coaching cost?

The cost is $50 per session or $180 for 4 sessions, invoiced through Paypal. Group costs will be determined by class. Once we connect, you’ll receive my full coaching agreement with more details before we begin.

Can I cancel a session if needed?

Yes, I require a 24 hour cancellation notice. There is a $30 late cancellation fee.

Where are you practicing coaching?

On zoom! I will do some in-person classes/coaching, but I will mainly work on zoom so that I can coach anyone, anywhere, from anywhere. You know travel is a part of our lives!

How do you decide what I work on in coaching?

You get to bring whatever topics, goals, uncertainties, struggles or growth points into the first session. Together, we’ll determine the right steps forward towards your personal growth plan.

Why did you choose a protea for your logo? What is a protea?

A protea is a beautiful, unique flower in South Africa. I loved it for coaching because the protea is a hardy plant that can survive drought, heavy rains and even massive bush fires. It can re-sprout which is an effective survival strategy after seemingly being wiped out by the harsh elements. Like the protea, I believe that this amazing, beautiful process of growth is possible for you as well. You can broaden your skills, change your thinking, deepen your resilience, grow in Christlikeness, and respond in healthier ways to the challenges around you.

Coaching is here to nurture your unique journey of growth.

Why did you use Jenilee Rachel and not Jenilee Goodwin?

Someone asked this and I thought it was a fabulous question! Although I do love my last name, I realized that the meaning of Jenilee Rachel, the meaning of my first and middle names, also played into what I hope to bring to coaching. Jenilee brings a Hebrew meaning of “God is gracious” and Rachel has a Biblical meaning of “one with purity.” Only by the grace of God can we stand before God in purity and holiness. No amount of work on our own can accomplish that for us. Jesus already did that work. Yet, we are also called to grow in purity and Christlikeness as we live out our days. I love how coaches can come alongside people with tangible, practical growth steps.

Do you have coaching questions?

Ask in the comments or feel free to email me your coaching questions!

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